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Welcome to the department where you can ask us questions about just about anything to do with currencies, exchange rates and purchasing foreign currencies from FOREX.  All you have to do is ask here - but first, we recommend that you take a look at the questions and answers below to see if you can find your answer there straight away.

Why are FOREX Banks exchange rates not the same as those shown on the Text-TV teletext system, for example?
The rates shown on Text-TV, in newspapers, etc. are electronic rates used by companies for payments abroad, eg. The rates used by FOREX Bank are known as cash rates, one buying and one selling rate.

Where are FOREX Banks branches located?
Telephone numbers, addresses and opening hours for all of the branches in the Nordic countries are available under the FOREX Bank locations menu.

Where can I check FOREX Banks daily currency rates?
Daily rates for the most common currencies in stock, those that can be delivery within 2 workdays, are listed under Current exchange rates.

Where can I find old exchange rates?
FOREX Service Center can help you with exchange rates from 1992 onwards.

Why do you ask where I'm going?
FOREX Bank always asks about your trip, for us to be able to help you. We have recommendations for all the countries in the world, founded on what's best for you as a traveler. When we know where you are going, for how long you will be gone, how many you are travelling together etc. we can make sure that you get the right amount of the right currency. In the end, it might save you from unnecessary expenses changing money abroad, and you will not risk standing in a foreign country with notes in useless denominations. It is thus only to be able to help you that we ask you question.

Is it possible to transfer money via FOREX Bank?
FOREX Bank is an agent for Western Union, one of the leading money transfer companies in the world. Contact FOREX Service Center for more information.

Does FOREX charge a fee when I sell or buy currency?
There is no fee when you buy currency from FOREX using EUR. When you are selling foreign currency, FOREX charges a fee of EUR 5 unless you have FOREX Kanta-asiakaskortti.

Does FOREX charge a fee when I sell traveler’s checks?
When you sell traveler's checks we charge 5 EUR/check.

Is it possible to transfer money via FOREX?
FOREX is an agent for a company called Western Union, which allows FOREX customers to send money all over the world. Contact FOREX Service Center, or go to the FOREX Web site for more information.

Do I have to show identification when exchanging at FOREX Bank?
Always bring valid identification, as you might be asked to show it, if you exchange a larger amount or simply as a random check.

What rules should I bear in mind when I exchange money at FOREX Bank?
The following rules apply to exchanging currency at FOREX:

1. The sell and buy rates for foreign currency against EUR must be clearly displayed so that potential customers can read the list of rates. The heading above the rates must clearly indicate: ”WE BUY – WE SELL”.
2. Any extra costs, such as commission, that are linked to currency exchanges must be clearly visible to the customer on the exchange rates board or on the cash desk window.
3. Extra costs must be specified in percentage terms (%). E.g. EUR 1 per 100 must be written as 1% commission and not 0.01. Any minimum fee charged must be clearly indicated.
4. The customer must always be issued a receipt showing the exact exchange rate, commission, and administration fee whenever currency is exchanged.
5. The customer must immediately check the sum issued by the currency shop at the cash desk. No complaints can be accepted from a customer who makes a complaint after currency has been exchanged, based on an incorrect amount or some other inaccuracy which lies outside the control of the currency shop.
6. Business hours must be clearly displayed outside the currency shop.

Service Center 0600 - 55 00 95 (1,99 euroa/min + pvm/mpm)
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