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Frequently asked questions

  • How much does it cost and how long does it take to pre-order with Nettivaluutta service?

    If you order to a FOREX branch, your order can be picked up at earliest on the next weekday. Delivery to the nearest post office takes 4 weekdays. Delivery to a FOREX branch doesn't have an extra charge, and delivery to the nearest post office has a 12 euro fee.

  • Is there any extra cost when withdrawing foreign currency from FOREX ATM's?

    There are no charges for withdrawing money from our cash machine. However your own bank might charge you according to their price list.

  • If I order currency to the nearest post office, how do I know where to pick it up?

    Your nearest post office is defined automatically by your home address. Once the order has arrived you will receive a text message from the post office telling where you'll find your delivery.

  • How do I buy currency from the Nettivaluutta-service?

    1. Start by going here . 2. Choose the currency and the amount you wish to purchase and press "order currency". 3. Press "Add new currency" if you need more currencies. Then press "next step". 4. Choose where you would like your order to be delivered from the options available and then press "next step". 5. Choose method of payment.and press "next step" 6. Press "identify me" and choose your bank from the options available. Please note that with this step we only identify you. 7. Fill in your mobile number and e-mail and press "next step". Please note that if you have a confidential home address or address outside of Finland, you won't be able to use our Nettivaluutta-service. 8. Approve the terms and verify that you pay with your money and from your own account. Press "pay". 9. Log into your online bank once again to pay your order. 10. After paying the order you will receive a confirmation via email. If you experience any problems with ordering, please, do not hesitate to contact us by mailing ( info@forex.fi ) or by calling ( 09 417 1053 Mon-Fri 8-16).

  • At what age can you exchange currency?

    The age is 15 years to buy or sell currency at FOREX. We also advise you to bring a valid identity card with picture. The legal guardian might be required if the sum exceeds more than few hundred euros.

If you´re not satisfied

If we fail to meet your expectations, we would like to know. We take your feedback seriously and aim to handle your complaint in a speedy and professional way. We will listen openly to your feedback and investigate to see if we have made a mistake or if our products have been faulty. Our goal is to find the best possible solution to your case and give you an explanation of how we intend to deal with your complaint.


Representatives for media, please contact country manager Harri Andersson, harri.andersson@forex.fi.

Inquiries made by Government officials

All inquiries should be sent to viranomaiskyselyt@forex.fi.