We´ve made some changes in our procedures due to the Corona virus (COVID-19).

Travel cancelled due to the virus

We´ve decided to help our customers that have had their travel cancelled due to the virus. If you´ve bought currency from us to a destination effected by the virus, and the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has adviced its citizens not to travel to that destination, we´ll exchange your currency back to euros at the same rate (the rate applied when you bought the currency) and without any fees. You´ll need to bring the receipt and a document for the cancellation of your travel. Read more on the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website

Currencies left from your travel

Due to the Corona virus some uncertainty is expected on the Chinese currency market. Due to this we´ve limited the buying amount of Chinese yuan to 1000 CNY (yuan to euros) for those customers that can´t provide us with a receipt showing that the yuan have originally been bought from us.

If you have a receipt showing the yuan or any other currency have been bought from us, we´ll exchange them to euros, according to our normal routines, without any limitations to the amount.

Remember to bring your identification when visiting our branches.