Exchange of foreign currencies to euros, in other words selling currencies.

Sell the foreign currencies you have left from your trips abroad to us. The currencies you will be able to sell to us in notes You may also sell coins to us. Accepted coins can be found on the page Coin exchange service.

The rates are mainly updated on weekdays at 11 am and on Fridays also at 4 pm. Different rates and other restrictions may apply to damaged, old or withdrawn notes. More information can be received from FOREX Bank offices or our customer service.

FOREX Bank has the right to make changes to the rates at any time, without further notice, as changes may occur on the financial markets.

Save money by showing original purchase receipt

Did you buy foreign currency from us prior to your travel? Did you save the receipt? Present the original receipt from your currency purchase when selling it back to us. This will save you the administration fee of 5 euros.