Contact on behalf of FOREX

It has transpired that there have been attempts to scam people by using FOREX's name in order to offer fraudulant investment opportunities, or to acquire payment card numbers or internet banking codes, or other confidential information. FOREX never contacts its customers in order to obtain codes for the customer's payment cards or bank accounts, nor does any bank, or for example the police. Also, FOREX never contacts the customer in order to offer services, unless returning a prior request by the customer.

Lottery prizes and inheritance from a stranger

There are scams spread especially by e-mail, that claim you have either won large amounts of money in lotteries or raffles you have not played, or you have been chosen by a complete stranger to inherit a great fortune. Typically, in order for you to get the money, you first need to pay transportation fees, taxes or legal fees. These scams are also called Nigerian letter scams.

Romance scams

There are scammers in online chat rooms, social media sites and online dating sites, whose purpose it is to financially benefit from the other party. We recommend you never send money to a person you have not met face-to-face.

Investment Fraud

There are always risks to take into account when investing, but if someone advises you to invest in for instance companies, bonds, currencies or raw materials that don't exist, they are committing a crime. It is called Investment Fraud.


If someone proposes a great investment, take into account the following:

  • Does the proposal make sense? Does the service provided make sense?
  • Be critical when you research online. Unfortunately, there is a vast amount of articles published online that aim to trick people.
  • Do not let anybody take over your computer (remote control).
  • An investment fraud can be about investing in a fund, stocks and shares, metals and crypto currencies.
  • For further reading go to the Financial Supervisory Authority's website

Information from the police:

What to do if you are a victim of fraud

  1. Contact your bank without delay. In some cases it may be possible to stop a payment.
  2. File a police report.
  3. Ask for support from your loved ones. You can also contact Victim Support Finland.
  4. Have no contact with the perpetrator(s). Also, have no contact with any such person who claims they can help you get your money back.