For FOREX´s future development and evolvement as a company, on a long term basis, and for the preservation of the company for future generations, it´s important for us to be an employer with great sense of responsibility for sustainability in a company that values a safe and environmentally friendly work place. As a company with an ethical and moral approach to its employees, suppliers and other actors with connections to the company, we take responsibility for our long term relations.


The company´s continuous work towards a work environment full of diversity and equality has been a success story for us. Our employees originate from over 70 different countries and speak over 50 different languages. This asset to the company enables us to reach out to our customers in a more service minded and efficient way.

We are glad to have a high share of female managers working in the company. We have been able to mirror the organization gender ratio also when recruiting new managers. In total, our current ratio is 71 percent women and 29 percent men. Our largest manager group consist of 76 percent women and 24 percent men.

When recruiting, we encourage applicants from under represented gender, nationality and age to apply. 


FOREX offers its customers high-class personal service. We are easily reached in central locations with long office hours, all over the Nordic countries and always with a personal touch. We also offer our services online and on mobile devices.

The majority of our customers will come to one of our branches, which can be found in over 100 locations all over the Nordic countries. For us to be able to be of assistance also for those who can´t visit one of our branches, we are installing ATM´s to meet the demand for foreign currencies.


In a continuing process we work actively to minimize our environmental foot print by;

  • Identifying areas, activities, effects and range of our environmental foot print. 
  • Deliver services, products and activities in a way that generate the smallest possible environmental foot print.
  • Reuse and recycle as much as possible.
  • Encourage all co-workers to actively care for our environment in their daily work.


The company performs regular controls to verify that given limits and routines are followed. The risk management process and the systems used for risk management are continuously evaluated to make sure that they reflect the current market prerequisites and comprise all products and services offered. Through education and clear processes, the company creates the conditions needed for a good risk control where every employee has an understanding for the role and responsibilities that come with employment at FOREX. We are offering our customers simple and easy to understand products, are personally in contact with the customer and build up the liability of the company.