Why tip at all?

The word ”tip” is short for ”To Improve Promptness” and that is one aspect of the tipping culture. You are simply paying in advance to ensure better service in the future. This is very common in the USA.

Tips for tipping 

Giving too small amounts can sometimes be worse than not giving any at all. Resist the temptation of getting rid of useless change. The easiest way is to use a percentage of the price for your purchase to find out how much tip you are expected to give. Make sure to always carry some cash. Here are some rules of thumb:

In the taxi

In England, Canada and the USA, tipping about 10-15% of the price is considered normal. In many other countries, it is sufficient to round up to an even sum. However, in Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea and Japan you would pay the exact fare, no tip.

In the restaurant

Many employees in the restaurant industry in other countries are still financially dependent on their tip. 10% of the total bill is a good tip if you feel that the service was meeting your expectation. In the USA, staff may get offended by getting a low tip, and 15-20 % is common. On the other hand, in China giving tip is considered rude.

At the hotel

What is a reasonable tip in the hotel? A euro or a dollar per carried bag is common in most countries. Some tip for housekeeping staff can also be needed. Go for a Euro per night to ensure good service and make sure to follow customs.

Don’t find yourself searching pockets and bags for change you don’t have when you need to tip. Make your currency exchange before you travel and be ready upon arrival.