We always strive to make your experience easy, personal and efficient. To protect you, us and our society at large we are also very serious about fighting financial crimes such as money laundering, financing of terrorism, trafficking and trading with illegal weapons. We know that most of our customers have good intentions, but we always ask the same questions to everyone just to be sure. 


Banks are obliged by law to identify their customers and to acquire good knowledge of the purpose for different transactions. In addition we need to have sufficient information about the origin of money.

When we are gathering information about the origin of money, we might need to acquire in addition to a statement in writing, documents such as contract of sale and estate inventory. 

By handing these acquired documents to us, you are helping us to prevent and to fight criminal activity. You will also help society at large.

Politically exposed position

By law we are also obliged to verify if our customers are active in a politically exposed position (PEP), is a family member of a politically exposed person (PEP) or is a person who together with a politically exposed person (PEP) owns a company or have a decisive role in a company owned by a politically exposed person (PEP). We will never ask for your personal political opinion.


Banks are obliged by law to identify their customers and to gather information about the customer´s transactions. Based on this you will be asked to present a valid identification. See accepted identification documents.  

Your personal data is safe with us 

The information you give us is subject to bank secrecy and will be handled confidentially.

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